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injected ford motorFuel Injection Basics 3rd Edition

This is the manual that people have talked about for over 15 years. It won't tell you how to run a 6 or what the best way to stage your car at E-Town is, but it WILL help you to understand what is going on inside your motor. The money you save by not burning up your parts will more than pay for this manual. Even experienced tuners rely on it to "brush up" on the basics. Every hear of someone "losing the tune-up"? To get it back, you have to go back to basics and understand where you went wrong. This book will teach you the basics. from there, it's like rolling off a log.

$100.00 Post Paid U.S. Orders

$115.00 All Other Orders (Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia Etc.)

Blown Fuel Hemi

Fuel Injection Forums

Our Fuel Injection Forums are the class of the field. You can't find a more knowledgable group of people anywhere on the Internet or off than you will find at HRE.COM Fuel Injection Forums. For $40.00 per year, you can tap into the combined knowledge of members from all over the world who are ACTIVELY involved in Fuel injection, Chassis Setup, Ignition, Engine Components and all aspects of High Performance. We were the FIRST High Performance site on the Internet. We are THE BEST SITE on the Internet.

If you want to see what your $40.00 can get you, log in to the forums, set up a username and password and enjoy the open areas. We will tell you more in the free areas than you will learn anywhere else. When you are ready to step up to the next level, the Members Only areas have even MORE information!

Membership $40.00 Per Year

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